About Us

Azarin Baroo Company as a nationally recognized firm having more than 20 years expertise in construction and design of exterior and interior

Our services are for healthcare , embassies,  commercial, residential, retail, and road project

Nigerian Embassy

Our clients are public and private such as

   British Embassy •

Nigerian Embassy •

Mahak hospital •

Kahrizak charity Foundation •

Tehran municipality – Shad park •

Postbank  –  Payam airport branch •

Treata factory •

Takhte jamshid hospital •

Niayesh complex center •


Mahak Hospital


We would like to offer our services for renovation, redesigning , rebuilding or repair inside of  buildings and for outside areas and security systems

Javadolaemeh Surgery Center – Kahrizak charity Foundation


Our specialists are ready to visit your building or office and provide you with a technical and cost estimation enabling you to have a detailed understanding of your building condition and  possible safety and renovation jobs

Niayesh complex center


We are proud to obtain all required certificates and grades from  Ministry of Interior.  In addition to that, our team is trained and experienced in combining cultural and historical symbols of your country in interior designing and construction of your embassy building while considering all regulation, beauty and safety aspects

Saraye Arab, The Grand Bazaar, Tehran